Friday, August 7, 2009

New Career Chapter

Next Wednesday I'll begin practicing medicine in Coweta Oklahoma at a Family Practice Clinic known as Winn Family Practice. I had the privilege of doing five days of locum tenens (temp work for doctors) there at the end of June for my friend, Shawna McCalip, M.D., who is the managing physician. Shawna and I worked together in the ER at Muskogee Regional Medical Center before we both burned out on ER. Shawna is apparently a lot tougher than I am, as she had been doing it for over ten years. I lasted shortly less than four. I'm absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to start practicing medicine in a clinic setting where I can focus on helping people to heal in a holistic way. The word "doctor" does not mean, "He who passes out a pill to make you feel better." It really means "teacher," from the latin 'docare' -- to teach. I will focus on teaching my patients, giving them the information so that they can, if they wish, make choices in their lives which can lead to vibrant, lasting health.

When patients come to me for whatever reason, I will address their immediate problems; however, I will also take the opportunity to inquire of them, "What are your goals for healthcare? Do you want to feel really good, or do you just want me to try to fix a problem so that you feel a little less bad for the time being?" Depending on their answers, I will work with them to meet their goals. If they just want a problem fixed, I'll do my best to help them achieve that goal. If they really want to feel good, we will work on that together. I will attempt to share my experience, strength, hope, and knowledge with patients to help empower them. I'd like to teach them ways to heal themselves as whole human beings--mind, body, and spirit. I am convinced that If people are healthy mentally and spiritually, then they will be physically as well. Where the mind and spirit go, so will the body follow. DIS-EASE will melt away, to be replaced with good physical health--if only people are happy and at peace : ) Over the past few years, I've learned a few things about peace, serenity, joy, happiness, and good health. I can not wait to be able to share these things with my patients in this new clinic, working alongside my friend and colleague, Dr. Shawna McCalip : )

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Mary Ann Duncan said...

I love your question. It's one I should ask of every person who asks me to sponsor. Do they just want me to listen to their problems so they will feel better or do they want my experience, strength and hope regarding the work they could do to live in true sobriety (which I believe is living from the heart). Good for you!